Earlier this week I wrote a post about how our actions today can affect the future, rather than being passively carried along. One of the ways we can act today that affects future generations is to live in integrity. My friend and colleague Lynn Green recently wrote a powerful post on integrity, taking the Ashley Madison adultery website fallout as his theme.

Lynn Green

32,900,000 people are.

“Life’s too short. Have an affair.” That is the motto of Ashley Madison, the website of choice for people who want to cheat on their wife–or husband. (Predictably, 5 out of 6 subscribers are men.)6497720551_79c434a2a0

So, with the assurance that confidentiality would be thoroughly protected, nearly 40 million people signed up and made confidential information available to potential sexual partners.  They took the risk because the illusion of safe, clandestine adultery was too much to resist.  Now hackers have broken into Ashley Madison and have begun to make all that information available and lots of people are very nervous.  Journalists are combing through the information hoping to find celebrities, politicians and other public figures whom they can “out” and further their own careers.  (I wonder how many of them hope their Ashley Madison profile is safe?)

I have watched this story unfold over recent days and have taken…

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