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462px-Asia-mapThanks for visiting my website and blog. There are regular blog posts to read and hopefully you will comment on them or include questions for further discussion. I’ve also included a page with Recommended Books as well as a list of my own publications of articles and chapters in books. At times I may also post a topic for discussion where readers can contribute their own thoughts.

The general theme of this website and blog are the encounters in Asia between the two largest faiths in the world, Islam and Christianity. There will also be reflection on interactions with other faiths like Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I would hope that those that visit here, whether a follower of one of these faiths, another one, or no articulated faith, may still feel welcome.

This site as the title indicates has a very long trajectory, from 823 C.E. (and at times before) all the way into the distant future of 2520 C.E. More on the reasons why in another post, but as indicated there will be reflection on not only the past in Asia but the present and even into the future as well. For some readers that will be quite unusual and even perhaps un-nerving, but hopefully it will be of interest to some degree.

steve dome of rock 2With full disclosure I write as someone who has spent over 30 years in South Asia as a Christian missionary, following Jesus in loving faith. Hopefully that does not stop others with a very different journey from being welcome here, but rather will stir even more interest and discussion from the perspectives encountered. I write as a historian as well, with a PhD in the history of Christian-Muslim relations. I also write deeply concerned with events in our world today, particularly in the ways people relate (or not) along the fault-lines of religion and culture. Finally, I am also a futurist, very interested in where the world is headed and how the past can lead us to forecast that future in “prophetic history.”

Thanks again for visiting! Feel free to leave your comments and questions. I can’t promise to answer or engage with all of them, but will do my best.

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Finally Steve Cochrane brings his wisdom, the wisdom of those he has researched, and the wisdom his friends, colleagues and dialogue partners online!


  2. Hi Steve, I heard you before teaching on stages of pioneering. But I cannot find my notes. Is it possible to ask you the copy of it. Thanks.


  3. Dear Steve
    I am so looking forward to hear more of what you think, and what you see coming at this time in God’s world.


  4. Steve,
    We are excited about this blog and what it can accomplish. We are looking forward to healthy–and robust–discussions of the Christian Muslim relations, particularly in light of the horrific stories we hear and read in the media.


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