Recommended Books

From time to time I’ll be adding to a list of books I would recommend. For some of them there will be a link where you can order them from This list will continue to grow so keep checking back in!


image345a9a0f436dab3a1ace502a23c3bc82History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. 1 up to 1500
by Samuel Hugh Moffett

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Vol. 1 is the most complete resource for the history of Christianity in Asia that I know of, particularly before 1500. Vol. 2 below covers the period of 1500-present also packed with tremendous information.

image063dd10ab5d8924929187e60bfdd90db2.  History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. 2 1500 up to present
by Samuel Hugh Moffett

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This second volume of Samuel Moffett’s acclaimed History of Christianity in Asia illustrates the advance of the modern missionary movement in the continent of its birth.

3. The Lost History of Christianity
by Philip Jenkins

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Though broader and more general than a focus on the history of Christianity in Asia, this is a fascinating look at the Church of the East as well as the disappearance of Christianity in North Africa and Japan.


4. The Hidden History of Christianity in Asia
by John C. England

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This is an excellent one volume overview of the history of the Church of the East in Asia. Especially also notes the importance of missionary monasticism to the Church of the East in Asia. Has good material also on where resources are available for the study of Church of the East history.


5.  Christianity in India
by Robert Frykenberg

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The best one volume history of Christianity in India that I know of, by a respected long time professor of South Asian studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison.


6. Constants in Context
by Stephen B. Bevin and Roger P. Schroeder

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A theological overview of mission history that also includes dimensions of missionary monasticism in different periods of Church history.


7. From Every Tribe and Nation
by Mark Noll

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Featured in a blog post on this site called “Discovering a Global Story”, this is an excellent story of an esteemed Western Church history professor who discovers a global perspective!


8. From the Holy Mountain
by William Dalrymple

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Also featured in a blog post, this is a wonderful book that opens the reader’s eyes to a world of the past while traveling through the landscapes of the present. Highly recommend all of Dalrymple’s writings, whether his earlier travel narratives or his more recent works of history.

IMG_20049.The Church of the East: An Illustrated History of Assyrian Christianity
by Christopher Baumer

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This is a marvelous work with plenty of content and beautiful photos by the author of key sites. Quite pricey, but worth it if you can afford it!

 51PAuUWdRYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg10. By Foot to China
by John L. Young      

A very readable shorter work on the Church of the East in China.

Note: No longer available for purchase. May need to search for a free copy online.


11. The Jesus Sutras
by Martin Palmer      

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Excellent read on the Church of the East in China and Palmer’s own journey to find the Da Qin Pagoda. Will provoke you to questions related to contextualization of the Gospel into other cultures, in this case Taoism and Buddhism. Worth reading and grappling with!


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