Correction on the Article Attributed to John Cleese: Watch What You Pass On!

Cleese-FeaturedA few days ago I sent out on this blog a post about Europe in 2015 attributed to British comedian John Cleese. I’ve since learned that it was actually not written by him (though he is a great satirist in his own right!) but has been “out there” on the Internet since perhaps 2005. So sorry to John Cleese, but have to say it is still very funny. Here is the link to the disclaimer on this article, by Snopes who is an “Internet-checker”.

It does help to alert us to make sure when we pass things on we do check, or at least say that we are not sure whether it was actually written by the person. Yesterday I read something on Facebook attributed to Pope Francis that I highly doubt he actually said. In these days of political campaigning in the USA it is important to be careful what we send out. If we are not sure it is better to wait.

Having said that, if you do want a good laugh, and are not offended by political satire, go ahead and read this article. But just know that it is not John Cleese that wrote it!!

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