Published Another Chapter

When I returned after my last few weeks in Asia and Europe a book just published was waiting for me. It had a chapter in it that I wrote as a case study of the training in YWAM/University of the Nations, titled Equipping for Mission in the 21st Century: Unity in Diversity in YWAM/University of the Nations. (pg. 203-214)

The book is titled Reflecting on and Equipping for Christian Mission, edited by Steve Bevans, Teresa Chai, Nelson Jennings, Knud Jorgensen and Dietrich Werner. It is the 27th in a series of volumes by Regnum Press (which is the press that my forthcoming book will also be published by) that followed the Edinburgh 2010 mission conference. I have a chapter also in a previous volume of this series. Here is the link below to order it:

As a writer, having something published is always a thrill! This is my third chapter published, along with nine other articles in journals. You can see the complete list at the page on this blog,  Steve’s Chapters and Articles.


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