What if God Doesn’t Want to Make America Great Again?

An important question. You hear a phrase a lot in the USA right now, “Make America Great”, and added sometimes can be the word “again”. Especially this week and the next with the two major political conventions happening. But what does “great” mean? And another question, for those who believe that there is a God who has loving purposes for people and nations: what if God doesn’t want to make America great? What does greatness mean? What does it mean Biblically for a nation to be great? 

Today I read a blog post that powerfully asks these questions. I don’t ask you to agree with the conclusions of this writer. But I hope that most of you would see the relevance of the questions, and ponder them. To be great according to Jesus is the one who serves, who is least. What does it mean to apply that also to nations, not just individuals?

Here is the link to the article: What If God Doesn’t Want to Make America Great Again? http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/578b037be4b0e7c873504a05

These are uncomfortable questions. But don’t be afraid to ask them. We should more be afraid if we don’t.

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