Getting started

Today starts a website and blog devoted to matters of faith, particularly related to the interactions and encounters between Christianity and Islam  It will have comments on the history involved, especially in Asia, as well as contemporary issues and even on future forecasting.

In 823 C.E. in Baghdad an extremely intriguing figure in Christian history died at the age of 95, Patriarch Timothy 1. He led the Church of the East in Asia for over 50 years and at his death it had spread from West Asia across through Central Asia  to India and China. The numbers 823 after my name refer to Timothy’s death year.

This site will deal with the Church of the East: past, present and future, as well as how they have related to the Muslims and other faiths around them. The goal of this blog and other resources on this website is to not only inform both faiths (and others of faith and non-faith) but to encourage authentic encounters that lead to LIFE and not death.steve dome of rock 2

38 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Steve. May the God of ALL truth, the merciful One, use your blog to bring a new depths of mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims, and between people of all or no faith, and may it be a catalyst for fresh expressions of ‘reconciled communities’ of diverse faiths. Blessings!


  2. I am not such a blogger. Tried once…..but I am interested in the content of your blog Steve. For me living in a predominately Muslim country with all kind of things going on, its sometimes difficult as a christian what to think of all this and how to react.
    Looking forward following your Blog Steve.


  3. Respected Sir,
    Congrats for your great achievements. We appreciate you and proud of you.
    I liked your website its quite impressive and informative.
    May the good Lord bless you and prosper you. You and your family and your ministry is in our thoughts and prayers.


    With kindest Regards
    ( Ex-student of school of Business, Lonavala)


  4. Wow, much needed!
    Its great to see you take time to put your thoughts down in writing, which will benefit many for ages to come .. and not just listening to you speak.
    God bless you with insights to communicate effectively through this media.
    Will be following with interest.
    Keep going Steve – your new ‘marathon’ has just begun 🙂


    1. Thanks Raja-that comment means a lot to me in light of your gift at the end of the first marathon. I appreciate what you said about another one starting, as that is something I have felt also, and that this one also involves a lo of writing as well. Blessings to you and Carmen!!


  5. Wow. When I read your abstract, I was glad I got my PhD in chemistry. Your topic and research looks much more challenging.
    I couldn’t agree more with your reasons for writing a book. Altho I haven’t written a book, I know the inner experience you touched on. It’s hard to put it into words (you did it well), but I think of it as a spark of divinity from the image of God within us which makes us yearn to create and reveal to share with others using the knowledge and wisdom we’ve acquired . That’s the primary reason I like to teach.
    I look forward to your book.


  6. Thanks Don. Coming from someone of your expertise it is even more an encouragement!

    Yes, there is that spark within and I can see that happening in fresh ways in your life as well!


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