Book Review: Christians and Muslims Should Embrace “The Jihad of Jesus”

A challenging post on a recent book written by a friend of a friend. Lots to think about here!!

"The Jihad of Jesus" by Dave Andrews “The Jihad of Jesus” by Dave Andrews

I turned on the television the other day to hear a Christian American say: “Our enemy is Islam and our enemies are Muslims!” Disturbed by his tone, I shifted to my computer, where I opened the Internet only to see an equally alarming message from a British Muslim: “Islam must crush Christianity, the false religion!” These men are from different religions, but their motives are strikingly similar: oppress those who do not think as they do; use violence, if necessary, to put down other faith groups; and never consider the beliefs and practices of other religious communities to be valid or useful to society. Needed now more than ever is a new manual for Christian-Muslim relations which does not resort to name-calling, exclusion, and violence.

The Jihad of Jesus: The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice (Wipf & Stock, 2015) is a compelling new…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Christians and Muslims Should Embrace “The Jihad of Jesus”

  1. Perhaps it is easier for us to proclaim than to listen, contemplate and reason? We tend to live in a soundbite world with headline conversations than invest in relationship that provides conversation that may lead to understanding. Action being valued at times more than thought and reasoning. May we take time, not abdicate thought, and think through topics of life without feeling threatened. May He provide the “still point of assurance” as we listen.


  2. I very much agree, Steve. Hoping that in this “space” I could help provide more resources for listening and understanding. Don’t want to be a “talking head” but a listening, embodied human who cares about others!!


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