First Year of Blogging Completed!

This week marks the end of my first year of blogging! And the start of the second year! This is my 71st post (including a handful I shared from others or had guests write) and as of today there have been 10, 193 views and 5, 767 visitors. One of the exciting things to me is that the visitors have come to the site from over 130 nations on earth! Including from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many other nations!

The photo above is from a visit a few months ago to  Kochi, India, where some friends have started a restaurant. As you can see, it offers both Chinese and Indian food! I thought it was fitting to use this as the photo at the end of my first year, as this blog has featured a lot on these two largest nations on earth. As I have written this year, so much of our future history will be centered on India and China. I will continue to write on these nations and those around them in the coming months and years.

So am I planning to continue writing this blog? Yes!! Thanks to all of you who have read my posts this year. Thanks to those who have shared them with others. Thanks also to those who have written comments about the posts, either on Facebook or Twitter or on the site itself. And thanks to those who have followed the blog.

So, if you like what you have been reading here this past year, there are some simple ways you can help me get the word about it out. First of all, you can share particular posts you like with others, either on Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps your own WordPress site. You can also hit the follow button on the main page, and you will get an e-mail when I’ve published another post. Perhaps one of the best ways to get the word out about my blog is to tell others! Word of mouth is the best advertising method for a blog like this!

I intend in the next year to continue to write on issues of the Church of the East history in Asia, Christian-Muslim relations, India and China, the future, and various other things  on my mind at the time. There won’t be too much on politics, but it may come up from time to time as it has this year. It is no accident that my most viewed post of the first year had a word called “Trump” in the title!! But this is not a blog filled with political commentary.

Soon I may shift to a different hosting format that allows for limited advertisements, but I will let you know when that is happening. And it should not be obtrusive or obnoxious.

Thanks again for all your encouragement this first year! Many of you I already know, but some of you I don’t. Thanks for taking the time to read these posts and other pages on the site. I will from time to time update the pages on Recommended Books as well as my own writings. I am considering also adding Youtube videos to the site that I would do on similar areas of subject matter.

Please do keep sharing the posts and leaving comments!

4 thoughts on “First Year of Blogging Completed!

  1. Dear Mr. Cochrane – your blogs have been challenging and thought provoking and at times a pain in the but as they make me have to think hard…….. ( now thats out of the way Steve… thank you for your writing and thought provoking comments. I am enjoying and allowing them to make me ‘THINK’. At the moment reading the second book “The lost History of Christianity” and I don’t seem to eb able to get more than 4-5 pages at a time without being sent to 50 different corners of processing and learning – even for a divergent person that is a stretch. :o) Thank you for taking me on this journey.

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  2. Congratulations on completing an entire year here. We met rather late then, I should think!
    Wandered my way here. Haven’t read all your posts yet but whatever I’ve read, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. And to think you hold India close to your heart, I’m honored as an Indian! Wonderful to meet you. Looking forward to more posts. Cheers and have a wonderful day!

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