Announcing the Launch of ‘Asian History Associates’

Today in this post I’m announcing the launch of Asian History Associates, a primarily, but not exclusively, on-line platform connecting a new (and older) generation of historians focused on Asia. 

This has been in my heart for some time, a desire to create new opportunities for historical discovery for a new generation in Asia and beyond. These discoveries will take many forms, including published materials, new research based in fresh archaeological digs, and applications into the present and future in Asia. 

I have seen firsthand in places like India and China when the revelation of before unknown Christian historical roots causes new connections of life and purpose. Our identities are so deeply shaped by understanding our history. 

But tragically there is often such a lack of understanding of that history, perhaps at most only going back to the Western Colonial period. Seeing God’s redemptive purposes in our nations, in some cases even going back thousands of years, can bring healing and foundations for a hoped for future.

Here are a few areas this platform will help create:

1) An umbrella for opportunities to speak at secular universities and other events focused on Asian history.

2) Eventually to have its own website that will host this blog and other blogs and resources.

3) Will provide an on line platform for publications and research focused on Asian history and its implications for the present and future.

4) Will also provide a platform to connect other historians/writers/researchers focused on Asian history, of all faiths and backgrounds.

5) There will eventually be a strong component of strategic forecasting into the future as part of Asian History Associates.

These are just a few areas this new platform will provide. More will be developed. I anticipate others that are interested becoming Associates. This platform will provide creative space for myself and others that desire interaction and identity for their ongoing research interests, writing and publishing, speaking and consulting. 

Watch this space for more developments! And please let me know what you think!!

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