We Will Not Forget You, Tom Little

Many years ago in New Delhi I met a dear man who I never forgot, Tom Little. Tom and his wife Libby served the people of Afghanistan for decades, serving a variety of ways in the nation and becoming a Father and Mother of Hope in Christ.

About six years ago, Tom and several others were traveling in a vehicle in Afghanistan coming from another time of serving through practical ways that included holding an eye camp. They were stopped by most likely a Taliban offshoot, and within seconds ten international aid workers were gunned down, including Tom. As often happens in these attacks, the motivation and even those responsible is still not completely understood.

Tom died in a nation he loved deeply, Afghanistan. Recently a documentary has been produced on his life and death called The Hard Places, with his wife Libby sharing in it as well. It has come out during this Lent season, a time in the Christian calendar of reflection and preparation of heart for the death of Jesus.

A fellow blogger that I so enjoy reading, Marilyn, has written a moving tribute to Tom and the documentary, tying his life and death to the Lent season. I have posted a link on my Facebook page and you can also link to Marilyn’s post on the home page of my blog, under Communicating Across Boundaries. 

We will not forget you, Tom Little. 

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